About Us

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About Us

Lin Lin Vegetarian Delight was established in 1983 by founder, Paul Lim Poh Loh.

Born into a family who loves to eat and cook, Paul was a zealous chef who always enjoy outdoing himself. When he was a young chap, he met a Taiwanese chef who introduced him to the world of vegetarian cuisine. Since then, he (and the Lin Lin family) had been creating sumptuous cuisine out of non-meat products. On top of the traditional Tze Char dishes, we are also passionate in bringing our customers many dishes with unique flavours to our own.


保罗出生于一个热爱美食和烹饪的家庭,自己也是一位热心的厨师,总是喜欢超越自我. 当保罗还是个小伙子的时候,他遇到了一位台湾厨师,也是从那时起,进入了素食美食世界。在过去的30多年里,霖霖都热衷于用非肉制品制作丰盛的菜肴,为客户带来具有独特风味的菜肴.